Position is the location (or coordinates) of your cat on the map. It can be changed by using MOUSE1 (Left Click) on the screen at the chosen point.

The cat will walk over to the chosen spot, however the cat is already at that position in actuality and the position is not being continuously changed whilst the cat walks. Therefore the Ctrl command can be used on other players from far-off positions whilst the directive to stand next to the chosen player is still in play (as indicated by a cyan ellipse).

Glitches Edit

  • Outside the map - A cat can end up outside the playable area if they join the room in the 10 seconds at the end of the game where the results of the round are being displayed. The player will spawn in at the next round on the right side of the screen outside of the normal field of view. The player's position is automatically adjusted onto the map if they click on any playable area of the map.
  • Void ground - This is a black, unloaded part of the game that cannot be clicked. The cat cannot move to this area because the YouTube player is obstructing it.
  • Jesus - This is a glitch that results because of occasional resets to 0,0 [Known as Point Zero on the Fortoresse wiki] when the player uses the command MOUSE1 to bounce in place. The spacebar command to bounce does not result in this effect. When this effect occurs, there is a 1 or 2 frame space in which the cat vanishes and appears on the top left of the screen at 0,0; however afterwards is reset back to the correct position. If the cat is to use the MOUSE1 command in this tiny period, the cat will float down from the top of the screen across the YouTube player or impossible terrain to reach the directive position. The vanishing to 0,0 occurs more frequently with lag. The amount of lag required to make this trick as easy as possible can be found in Frame Data.