Your playlist can be accessed by going to Menu>Playlist. You can then add something to your playlist by entering a valid YouTube link (some videos may not load at all, due to filters or duration). By clicking the "Next Music" button, it will set the video to be played when you have the most points in the room. However, the game will randomly choose a video from your playlist if you do not set anything for next. After the map with your song finishes, your points will be reset to zero.

Song requirements / errors courtesy of the Forums, especially this and this.

Songs must meet these requirements:

  • Under 10 minutes
  • Over 1000 views
  • No age restrictions
  • Embedding must be enabled
  • The server must not be experiencing any problems


  • No error given (endless processing) - To fix, wait one minute and then sign out and back in; The video should appear on your playlist with no problem.
  • Error 3 - Video embedding is disabled.
  • Error 4 - Age restriction (Inappropriate for younger audiences)
  • Error 5 - Views are under 1000
  • Error 6 - An error on the server; server is too busy, or some unexpected error occured. Trying again later won't fix it unless there's a reboot in the middle.
  • Error 7 - Video length is over 10 minutes.

Other errors can be experienced in game even if the above do not intervene.