These are songs with strange properties.

  • Cytus Chapter VIII M2U Masquerade - This song had an odd bug where it would stop scrolling notes just before the last note was tappable, causing players to score Oops by tapping the note right as it stopped short of being played. A 100% was still possible in this song by ignoring this error and not attempting the note. The bug was reported and fixed by Melibellule.
  • Warriors - 2014 World Championship (Imagine Dragons) - This song has a strange bug at the end of the song. There is a period with a freestyle bug before notes appear towards the end of the song. However, the song suddenly skips these notes as if a preemptive error has occurred, causing misses. However, the misses are not enough to cause the player to go below 98+% provided they had achieved 100% for the other parts of the song. This glitch can fool a player into gaining an Oops as the previous error did, resulting in 97% as the final percentage.