X deesse

Once you enter a room, you will walk onstage (even if the song has already started), and you must follow the arrow commands on the bottom left using keyboard controls. When the falling arrows reach the stationary arrow outlines at the bottom, you must hit the corresponding key. Your hit streak is displayed on the star next to the stationary arrows. If you miss an arrow or click a key when no arrow is present, your health will go down (represented by a green / yellow / red bar below the arrow area), and if your health completely depletes you'll die (note that you will still gain points / sushi earned). There are 4 different difficulties, easy, medium, hard, extreme, with each increasing the amount of health lost when a mistake is made. Note that during freestyle times, no arrows will appear and no penalty will be added for pressing the wrong key until the freestyle ends.


There are many different types of arrows, but they are all treated the same as far as successfully performing the specified action, with only the effect they give differing (note that the x2 arrows do not mean to hit that key twice). Here are the arrow types:

  • Normal -
  • Arrow-sushi Sushi - Collecting this earns you 1 sushi coin for use in the shop.
  • Arrow-x2 Double points - Self-explanatory.
  • Arrow-health Health - These will heal you by about half(confirm) of your health.
  • Handicap - Collecting this will active the shown handicap on a random player. This will be indicated by an arrow pointing to the player the handicap has been activated on with an image of the handicap type appearing on the middle of the arrow.
    • Handicap-blink Blink - Arrows blink in and out of visibility.
    • Handicap-rotate Wind - (Formerly Rotate) Arrows start at the left side of the screen, progressively coming to their respective spaces.
    • Handicap-short Short - Arrows are hidden in the top 3/4 of the queue.
    • Handicap-speed Speed - Arrows move at 2 times the normal speed.
    • Handicap-swerve Wave - Arrows swerve on the way down.


Your playlist can be accessed by going to Menu>Playlist. You can then add something to your playlist by entering a valid YouTube link (some videos may not load at all, due to filters or duration). By clicking the "Next Music" button, it will set the video to be played when you have the most points in the room. However, the game will randomly choose a video from your playlist if you do not set anything for next. After the map with your song finishes, your points will be reset to zero.