Notes Edit

Duration: 13 frames (symmetric and triangular peak, cannot exceed 280 notes per minute)

Perfect: Frames 6 - 8

Nice: Frames 3 - 5, 9 - 11

Okay: Frames 1 - 2, 12 - 13

Frame Manipulation Edit

  • The speed attack will stretch the hit box of the note by one frame. On frame 14 of the note (one frame after the okay hit box has vanished) it is possible to get an Oops but maintain a combo. This Oops is worth the same number of points as an Okay.
  • Slowing down the client can extend the duration of each frame. This occurs because of Vsync - a part of the game that forces the notes to run at the same rate with the song regardless of how fast or slow the client is forced to run. If the game were to be slowed to 59/60 of its original speed, then it would display 59 frames per second with one frame being removed (not necessarily from each note's hit box), allowing each frame to be displayed a little longer than usual. This gives the illusion of it being easier to hit Perfects on each note during lag, assuming the removed frame is not from the note's Perfect region.
  • At the extremes of slow and fast running of the client, the game will stutter and may lose critical frames, making it harder to hit Perfects.