Some errors can occur when a player attempts to process a YouTube video for their Playlist. The following error numbers correspond to the following issues with processing:

Error 2: The video is classified as private. You cannot play this video.

Error 3: Video embedding is disabled. Video embedding must be enabled in order for a song to load on Nekodancer, as the YouTube player featured in-game is an embedded video player.

Error 4: There is an age restriction on the video. This restricts players who are not logged in on YouTube or are too young from viewing the video. Since there is a conflict in who can view the video, the video is disallowed.

Error 5: The view count is too low, or simply the video is too new. In order to be processed, the video's legitimate view count must exceed 1000.

Error 6: The server is experiencing issues and cannot process the song. Try again later.

Error 7: The video is too long. The server disallows videos that are too long, even if the songs are restricted to 3 minutes and 5 seconds at maximum length. The maximum length of a video that can be processed is 10 minutes.

In addition to these errors, there are other errors that can be experienced when playing the videos in-game, even if the above errors don't intervene.

  • Country blockages: This means a video is blocked in a player's country and the game will go on even if the player cannot participate. The players who can view these videos will be able to play the song as normal.
  • Blank video: This means the video has experienced a loading error or has been deleted or made private. No player will be able to play the song for the entire round.
  • Preemptive start: This occurs when the video loads too slowly. If the first frame of the video appears within 5 seconds of the video's planned starting point the video will run on its own. When the starting line for the song's notes is reached the notes that were supposed to be played will all count as misses and the song will continue where it is at the point of starting.
  • Corruption: If a video is trimmed during YouTube editing it cannot be played anymore. A user should avoid processing trimmed videos.