The Editor is an unreleased feature of Nekodancer. It can be accessed by typing into the chat: /editor

This will trigger a "free-play" mode where the play position of the song can be altered at will of the user.

Features of the current editor Edit

- You cannot die

- The song can be instantly started by clicking $Charger underneath the desired song on the Playlist

- Score and combo stops counting when the life bar reaches zero. Life bar cannot be recovered after this happens

- The user can change the current position of the song by clicking the desired spot on the bar on the bottom right

- The bar represents the length of the entire song rather than what is playable on nekodancer

- Clicking beyond 3:05 will erase all the notes of the song resulting in many misses

- The bar allows a maximum of 4 minutes on the length of the song

- Allowing the song to scroll into freestyle and then clicking a non-freestyle area will allow free play with no way to get an Oops. The opposite also applies

- Replaying notes will drain the life bar as if an oops/miss was received for every played note

- You are the only player that can access this room