Most controls have a noticeable immediate effect to your character or the environment around you. Chat commands often have a less noticeable affect to your game.

While it's possible to play with one hand, some users use two hands instead (since a mouse isn't required), using alternate key combinations such as A, S, , , which helps prevent your fingers having to move around furiously (this way they can stay on their respective keys), and also lets you line up the direction of the keys with those on the screen (left, down, up, right).

Keyboard and Mouse ControlsEdit

Key Action Notes
or A or Q Dance left Press this when directed by falling arrows, or while in freestyle.
or D Dance right
or W or Z Dance up
or S Dance down
Left Mouse Click Move Moves your cat to the specified area on the screen. doesn't affect gameplay.
Space Default position Your cat returns to default standing position, and also performs a little "bounce" (most noticeable if you hit Space while already in default position)
Ctrl Poke Your cat pokes the nearest cat to them, causing the other players screen to shake slightly.

Chat CommandsEdit

These are just some of the most commonly used chat commands; for a full list see chat commands.

Command Effect
/room roomname Goes to the specified room
/chat name Creates / joins a chat room.
/ban playername If enough people request it, they will be temporarily banned. Note that this is not the same as reporting.